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5 Essential Qualities that Make You a Responsible Driver

Driving can be exciting and adventurous if you adhere to the road safety rules and make use of your defensive driving skills as and when required. Lack of basic knowledge, patience, skills and practice can be counterproductive and make you vulnerable to life-threatening crashes. You may claim to be a good driver but, knowing the functioning of clutch and brake pedal doesn’t necessarily make you one. You need to brush up your skills, develop safe driving habits and work on your personality to become a responsible driver.

Here’s a brief insight into the qualities that make you a responsible driver. Stay glued till the end of the post.

Positive Attitude

No matter how much skills and knowledge you have gained from a driving school in Auburn, if you lack the right attitude, you won’t have consistency in driving. A good driver should be calm and tolerant in all situations and should be capable to handle car at emergencies. You should have the presence of mind to respond to unforeseen circumstances and act accordingly to tackle the moment.

Being Courteous to Fellow Drivers

If you want to excel in driving, being courteous to other drivers on road is also an essential requisite. This means keeping an eye on the actions of motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians. Getting agitated on fellow drivers, honking and shouting out of anger can have adverse consequences and put you into trouble. Accept to share the road with others and react accordingly in order to become a good driver.

Being Defensive

A driver who makes the correct use of steering, brakes, gears and accelerators is undoubtedly a good driver. Making proper use of the components is essential to protect the mechanics of a vehicle from overuse and reduce chances of unexpected breakdowns on road. It’s quintessential for drivers to know the defensive driving skills while hitting the road in order to respond and react to critical situations. By acting on unforeseen events in a timely manner or in other words, being proactive can make you a responsible driver and help you stay safe behind the wheels.

Staying Focussed

Driving requires constant focus and attention. Whether you are a beginner or a certified pro, you must look ahead for potential hazards and be cautious about the surrounding traffic in order to respond to emergencies. Unexpected hazards may come along your way but you should prepare yourself to face the on-road challenges and take necessary precautions to avert chances of collision or crashes.

Avoid Distracted Driving

If you want to earn the credit of a good driver, you should stay away from distractions while driving. Eating, reading news, speaking over phone etc can seize your concentration and make you vulnerable to deadly accidents. Don’t let anxiety, fear or emotions affect your driving and avoid listening to loud music while being behind the wheels. All these distractions can divert your mind from road and put your life at stake.

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