safety features that every car should have

8 Safety Features That Every Car Should Have

When we buy a car, we check whether it fits our lifestyle and comfort getting behind the vehicle. However, more than anything else, we want a vehicle that keeps us and loved ones safe on the road. So, in this content, we will be discussing a few features we cover in our lesson plans at driving school in Bondi to make a car safe to drive on the road.

  • Automatic Emergency Braking AEB:

    When it comes to preventing a crash, nothing can beat the automatic emergency braking, and no vehicle should be without it. As per different studies, the cars with AEB come with the facility, where brakes are automatically applied to prevent the collision speed.

  • Adaptive Cruise Control or ACC:

    In a majority of cars, you may find this feature. This system uses sensors and rader, which are mounted inside the grille. With this, you can maintain a safe distance by applying the throttle for necessary acceleration. Drivers mostly use ACC during the heavy congestion or on a long highway cruise. If there is a potential collision, tighten the seat belts, since the ACC system will sense it, and brake heavily.

  • Lane Departure Warning:

    When it comes staying within the lane, lane departure warning worked amazingly. Even, Lane Keep also works, in the same way, to keep you in the lane. Upon tampering lane, it will buzz your seat or can create the warning sounds to tell that you are crossing the white lines.

  • Blindspot Detection:

    Instructors from our driving school in Penrith make learner drivers look over your shoulder. With a competent driving lesson, you will get to learn how to use the mirrors to see what’s behind you. With blind spot detection, you can pick up spots that you might have missed. It also warns the vehicles approaching from the rear by blinking yellow and orange lights.

  • Quality Tires:

    Quality tire tread is essential to stay safe on the road. No vehicle should be without a quality set of tires. Since tires are the direct point of contact with the road surface, it is as important as the safety features inside the vehicle.

  • High Beams:

    Oncoming car’s high beam can put you in danger within seconds. You may face a crash, or your site can get impaired. Hence, having self-adjusting or smart high beams can work as a safety feature that no vehicle should be without. With the latest technology, it can automatically make the transition from high beams to regular strength headlights.

  • Side Airbags:

    The life-saving airbags have become the standard safety feature in recent years. Side airbags inflate faster than the frontal airbags and cover most of the window space. So, in case of major accidents, airbags can prevent neck injuries and ejections.

  • Traction Control:

    This system limits wheel from spinning during the acceleration to have the maximum traction. It is much useful in wet or icy conditions. Some traction-control systems operate only at low speed, whereas a few work at different speeds.

So, these were a few safety features you will come across while getting trained in our driving school in Marrickville under a competent trainer. Contact 1300 00 2626 to book a driving lesson for more such updates from experts at LicencePlus Driving School.