Risks of car accidents on the road

9 Ways to Reduce Your Risks of Car Accidents on the Road

Being involved in a car accident can be painful, downright scary and costly. But unfortunately, statistics point out approximately 1.25 million drivers around the world ending up dead each year due to incompetent driving or giving in to distraction when cruising on a busy highway.

To avoid finding yourself in this unwanted predicament, LicencePlus Driving School providing courses across Burwood, Mt Druitt and other nearby suburbs shares with you with 9 tips to dwindle the risks of highway collisions or nasty accidents.

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1) Never Give In To Distractions When Driving

While cruising on a busy highway, you should never divert your attention from driving. Never text, speak-over-the-phone, listen to loud music, eat, speak to other members in the car or use your mobile apps.

Right from the moment, you insert the car keys; devote your entire focus on the road ahead. If it helps, you can sell your smartphone on driving mode. If you do receive an urgent call, park your vehicle and then take the call.

2) Never Forget To Fasten Your Seat Belt

The streets are full of the unexpected. You will come across all kinds of drivers (even rash ones holding no respect for the traffic rules or levied speed limit). Seat belts are there to keep you safe on the road while driving.

If it so happens that you have to hit the brakes suddenly to avoid a potential collision, having your seat belt on will not only keep you safe but also keep the other passengers out of harm’s reach.

3) Always Drive Within the Speed Limits

It is true that driving at an accelerated rate does seem exciting. But that is only if your driving skills are impeccable and you have quality road-sense. Speed driving is another major cause of accidents and collisions and the worst part of it other than personal injuries and car damage is it can cost you a fortune. You even lose points on your driving licence.

So whenever you’re driving on a highway, check the speed limit and stick to it. Yes, you will reach your destination 10-minutes late, but at least you will be there unscathed and in one piece.

4) Always Pull Into the Traffic Slowly

The key to tackling a busy highway and avoiding potential collisions is pulling into the traffic slowly. You should always stop, look around carefully for approaching cars and check your viewing mirrors (both side and rear) to know your blind spots.

When you reach an intersection, look to make a right-hand turn looking in both directions twice (at least) prior to proceeding. In a busy street, with lots of intersections and lanes, vehicles can suddenly come out of nowhere.

So exercising caution whenever approaching an active intersection is another safe driving habit you should adopt.

5) Be On the Lookout for Red Light Runners

You should always count to three before running into an intersection on a green signal. To be sure that no one is speeding through a red/yellow light, look in both directions. Heavy-duty trucks usually have a larger blind spot towards their right. So whenever you drive close to say an 18-wheeler, maintain extreme caution, simply because the trucker won’t be able to see you through their side mirrors.

6) Scan the Area At Least 12-Seconds before Moving

You must inspect the area you are about to enter at least 10-12 seconds before. This is more when cruising on a busy highway. Look to maintain a fair distance from the other vehicles. Tailgating is another one of the major causes of road accidents and collisions.

Ideally, your trailing distance should be 2-3 seconds for dry roads and 6-9 seconds for wet highways. This will give you those extra few seconds to stop or swerve if the car in front stops or brakes all of a sudden.

7) Remember To Look Backwards Every Time You Back Out

Unfortunately, fender benders are very common in parking lots, especially when trying you back out. To avoid this, look back not just through your viewing mirrors but also physically over your right shoulder. This will help you steer out without colliding against any other vehicle.

8) Make It A Habit To Inspect And Maintain The Car Frequently

If you wish to avoid an unexpected car breakdown in the middle of nowhere, then make it a habit to inspect and maintain your car engine regularly. Similarly, check if the tires are inflated properly, the oil is changed regularly, the brakes are working and other mechanical components are functioning as they are supposed to.

9) Lastly, Respect Other Drivers

It goes without saying that you don’t own the road. No one does. So make it a point to follow all the crucial defensive driving training you’ve learned and be courteous to the other drivers on the highway.

Watch the road diligently for any rash driving or potential road hazard. Also, if you come across anything suspicious be it with a driver or their driving, report to the traffic guard or the authorities immediately.

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