Manual to Change Your Car Tyres

A Manual to Change Your Car Tyres by the Driving School in Epping

While driving, you will face a tyre puncture and if you do not have the necessary knowledge of changing the tyre, you might face huge problems.

Before you start changing the tyre you must park the car in a safe place. You need to relax and follow the steps that are provided here.

The first and foremost thing is you must possess all the tools and an extra tyre which is in a good shape.

You should not panic as the procedure of changing the tyre is the same for all vehicles.

Equipment Required

As the driving school in Parramatta suggests, you need to keep the following tools at your arsenal for changing the tyres.

  • A wrench to remove the nuts on the wheel.
  • A jack to lift the car above the ground.
  • A wheel chock to avoid the rolling of the car when it is lifted.
  • A nut key for unlocking the fitted nuts on the wheel.
  • Car manual (optional).
  • Gloves to protect your hands from the dust and dirt.
  • A torch if you have to change the tyre at night.

Now we will dive into the ways of changing the tyre.

1) Properly Positioning the Car

Park the car on a flat surface and apply the handbrake. There must not be any passenger in the car. Take the spare wheel and the equipment out of the car.

2) Use the Wheel Chock

Use the wheel chock on the opposite wheel that is punctured. This prevents the car from rolling when itis lifted.

3) Make the Wheel Nuts Lose

The driving school in Auburn suggests that loosening the wheel nuts while the car is on the ground is easier when the car is on the ground. So, follow this step. Use the wrench to loosen them but do not remove them completely.

4) Lift the Car

Now is the time to lift the car. You will need to find the jacking point to position the jack that is close to the punctured tyre. You need to lift the car to about 10 to 15 centimeters off the ground.

5) Take the Tyre Out

Loosen the wheel nuts and pull the tyre. After it comes out place it on the ground.

6) Attaching the Spare Wheel

Now insert the spare wheel on the bolts. It will fit the wheel nut slot. Now place the wheel nuts again and tighten them with hand.

7) Lower the Car a bit

As the conventional driving school education suggests, this is the point when you lower the car a bit and use the wrench to tighten the wheel nuts.

8) Lower the Car to Touch the Ground

Now you need to lower the car to completely touch the ground and check the tightness of the wheel nuts one final time.

9) Checking the Pressure of the Spare Tyre

For the last time check the pressure of the spare tyre to make sure it is fully inflated.

10) Repair the Punctured Tyre

This is the most important step as many people try to skip it. Repairing the punctured tyre is important because the spare tyre is only to be used for emergencies. Find a shop and get your punctured tyre repaired and replaced by the spare tyre.

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