an important chapter of driving lessons

Tips to Minimise Fuel Consumption – An important chapter of Driving Lessons

When it comes to taking lessons from driving schools, it is not only about learning the driving techniques. It is also about learning the other associated issues, which makes you a better bloke at the wheel.

In fact, that is one of the reasons why you need to get enrolled in reputed companies for your driving lessons. What better name can you look for than LicencePlus Driving School?

Our seasoned instructors would inform about you every minute detail regarding the proper maintenance of your car, along with the technicalities of driving. Take, for example, the procedure to minimise fuel consumption. Our instructors will help you out with tips to restrict fuel consumption.

However, it will be wiser to have some idea about that beforehand. It will help you in better learning when you undertake the course.

Drive Only When You Need It Badly

Probably the best way to reduce fuel consumption is to drive as less as possible. You can drive only and only when you need it badly. For instance, if you need to travel only a couple of blocks, consider walking or using a bicycle. It will not only save money but will help you physically. That is what every quality driving school in Bankstown will teach you.

Mind the Fuel Cap

This is one little thing that can make a difference in terms of mileage. When you do not keep the cap tight, a lot of fuel will simply evaporate, resulting in a substantial fuel loss. Now, this is one of the most trivial, yet crucial issues that driving schools would often skip, but LicencePlus Driving School would not.

Not Idling

When you are in need to drive your car, it is better to avoid idling whenever you can. When you keep your car stationary, but on the ignition, it will consume a lot of fuel. Switch the engine off, when you are stuck in traffic, or you have stopped over at a roadside store.

Break/Accelerate steadily

When you drive, it is better to apply consistent and steady pressure to the accelerator pedal. If you have a heavy foot that will result in reduced mileage as well as lesser consumption of fuel.

Maintain Speed Limit

If you are driving, try to maintain speed limit. If you maintain optimal driving speed, it will help reduce fuel consumption. The optimal speed varies from one vehicle or model to another. However, if you go by that, it will only increase your fuel consumption. The faster you drive, the more fuel your vehicle consume.

Coast Whenever Possible

Every seasoned instructor of a reputed driving school in Parramatta would tell you to coast whenever it is possible. Pressing the brakes and accelerating constantly, will only waste fuel and will increase consumption of fuel. Hence, whenever it is needed or possible, you need to coast to keep excess fuel burn at bay.

Using Cruise Control

This is another good way of reducing fuel consumption. When you put your vehicle on cruise control on highways, it will gain a constant velocity, but not acceleration. Without any acceleration, the amount of workload on the engine reduces, and it reduces fuel consumption as well.

Other few ways of reducing fuel consumption are making the car more aerodynamic, keeping all the windows closed, minimising the air conditioning, replacing the old, dirty air filters, maintain proper inflation of the tyres, reducing weight the vehicle carries.

So you see, these are some of the ways to reduce fuel consumption of your car. To know more about it, enrol yourself to LicencePlus Driving School, which is an extremely reputed driving school in Silverwater. For further details, call us at 61 1300 002 626. We work 24×7.