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How to Make 3 Point Turn Flawlessly According to Driving Instructors

3 point turn is the part of many driver’s road tests for the license. Sooner or later, each driver has to come across this manoeuvre technique. The 3 point turn needs you to go to the opposite direction on a road or street that’s too narrow to make U-turn in a single and clean sweep. So, stop your search for “cheap driving school near me” and join us to explore the way to make a safe and smooth 3 point turn.

Step #1 Stop-Signal-Check-Turn:

If you are attempting it for the first time, find a quiet side street with little or no traffic to practice without worrying about other cars on the road. Take an example of a two-lane road, choose the spot wherever you want to turn around and pull your vehicle at the extreme right side (close to the kerb). Don’t forget to turn on the signals at this time, so that the drivers coming from both the direction can know you have pulled over and others can pass you accordingly. You also have to scan your mirrors to see if any vehicles are coming from behind.

If there is no oncoming vehicle, turn on the left signal and crank the steering wheel to take a left. Pull forward with slow turn until the front bumper is almost at the opposite kerb. Take a pause there and turn the steering right to take reverse. Make sure the road is clear from both directions, or the oncoming traffic has stopped to let you complete the turn.

Step #2 Check Reverse and Stop:

Now when the wheel is fully turned to the right, reverse to a point between halfway and 3-quarters across the street and stop there. While manoeuvring this way, be careful about the cars parked at both sides.

Step #3: pull Forward:

It is easier than the other 2 steps before. Turn the wheel to the left and pull forward. Finish the turn by heading off to the opposite direction from where you have initially started taking the turn.

According to instructors from our driving school in Quakers Hill- in a safe road or a road with low traffic, you can ease up your brake for no more than 2 seconds from your last sweeping glance. As this manoeuvring takes a slow move, do not slam or hold the steering wheel tightly into the steering JAM as this can damage the Fan Belt as well as power steering pump.

The 3 point turn is also known as Y turn, and among the new drivers, it is considered as one of the difficult manoeuvres, and that can put a serious consequence if not properly executed. While executing the 3 point turn, remember the use of this manoeuvring technique to perform in a narrow side street, when there is no place to turn around like your driveway. Instructors from driving schools in Lakemba suggest making this move at a place that is not less than 200 feet from the nearest intersection. Also, make sure there are al least 500 feet of visibility in both the directions and spare making this move on a curved roadway.

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