Our Safety Driving Course Training:- Module I & II

More than two-thirds of all accidents happen due to nasty collisions. And most of them (if not all) occur due to:-

  • Negligence on the part of the driver.
  • Poor driving
  • Being distracted on the phone or eating while driving
  • Not paying close attention to the viewing glass.

Keeping into account its dangers and anomalies- LicencePlus Driving School understands the need to impart defensive driving training to save lives, money and even unwanted headaches. We work specifically with the ADTA- Australian Driver Trainer Association to come up with two separate training modules to keep collisions to a minimum.

Safe Driving Course:- “Module I”

This comprehensive driving course training is created for learners between the age 16-25-year-olds. And the whole focus of this training module is to teach learners how to tackle all possible roadside dangers when moving on a freeway.

  • Students get knowledge of all safe driving techniques.
  • To stay alert to all traffic conditions.
  • Ability to make wise choices when in a spot of bother.
  • Operating cars safety- be it an automatic or manual gearbox.
  • Anticipating potential road hazards through proper scanning of the street and intersections.
  • Comprehending how certain behaviour of drivers can increase the chances of a fatal collision or accident.
  • Prime factors why drivers between 17-25 get into such collisions.

In addition to all of these; our skilful and experienced driving school instructor– also suggest tips and suggestions for young learners to be safe and keep others safe in potentially risky circumstances. This course training lasts for a good 3-hours.

Safe Driving Course:- “Module II”

Our module II course training on safe driving lessons provide more advanced coverage on tackling risky situations on the freeway. Each course session lasts for 2-hours and is conducted by highly qualified and knowledgeable instructors in the region.

The Module Covers:-

  • Pre-driving inspection of your car parts. They include:- battery, seat belts, viewing mirrors, brakes, wipers, flashers, horns, wheels and tires.
  • Educating learners on the adequate crash/collision avoiding distance.
  • The proper 3-second rule for trailing cars.
  • The proper way to find gaps and also on controlling their speed in different situations on the road.
  • Avoiding in-car distractions.
  • Tips on safe passing and changing lanes.
  • Driving in adverse weather conditions.
  • Proper traffic management.
  • Comprehending all crash prevention techniques.
  • And all other golden rules of defensive driving.

Enrol For Our Safe Driving Course Training:-

Freeways are always full of surprises. Every twist and every turn can challenge your sense of direction. But relying on our defensive driving lessons does ensure you stay out of harm’s reach.

If you wish to polish your skills behing the steering wheel, then enrol for our safe driving courses. For your convenience; we present you a hassle-free booking process where:-

  • You pick your package
  • Pick your instructor
  • Manage your bookings
  • And begin learning the art of safe driving.

Being a notable driving school in Bankstown and Penrith; we welcome you to check our site and our quality training packages. Or, if you wish to speak to us, dial 61 1300 002 626.