brush up of road rules

A Brush Up of Road Rules Regarding Roundabouts in NSW

When things come down to driving, it is all about sticking to specific fundamental rules. However, there are a few rules that people keep on forgetting and unnecessarily drawing the wrath of authorities.

Now that is the reason you must enrol to a reputed driving school in Blacktown, which will put most emphasis on these basic rules while providing the training.

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Here are the rules regarding roundabouts that are widely misunderstood by people even after a considerable driving experience – something that never happens once you take the training from us!

Driving down the Roundabouts…

Drivers need to utilise indicators, based on whether they are turning left or right, or making any U-turn at roundabouts. They MUST give the other vehicles sufficient and timely notice of their intention to turn.

Entering Roundabouts

Drivers are required to slow or stop for giving enough way to any vehicle, which is already in the roundabout. They must continue using their indicators when they intend to turn right, left or taking a U-turn.

Turning Left

Instructors of any quality driving school in Penrith would always put emphasis on growing the habit of using indicators properly. Drivers must use the left indicator well in advance before the approach. Also, they need to travel along the left-side lane, unless there are instructions otherwise.

Turning Right

Likewise, while turning right, drivers must make sure not to forget using their right indicators, and travel along the right-hand lane, unless otherwise instructed.

Making a U-turn

While using the roundabouts for taking U-turns, blokes at wheels are needed to take the the right lane to approach and then signal right.

Changing the Lanes in Roundabouts

While changing lanes in the roundabout, the usual road rules apply. People need to use their indicator as per their intentions and give way to the other vehicles in the particular lane that they are getting into.

Leaving a Roundabout

When it comes to leaving any road, people at wheels have to signal left, while leaving the roundabout. However, the moment they leave the roundabout, they MUST switch the indicator off. However, when travelling straight ahead after leaving a single-lane roundabout, it is impractical to use the left or right indicator.

Minding the Pedestrians at Intersections

When the driver is turning right or left at an intersection, taking care of the pedestrians turns out to be the priority. Any quality trainer of a reputed driving school in Ryde would instruct the trainees to mind about the pedestrians.

When the driver turns right or left at an intersection, it is imperative to give way to pedestrian(s) who is/are crossing the road that the vehicle is entering. This applies to the intersections, without or with traffic lights.

This Rule DOES NOT Apply in Roundabouts.

Now we at LicencePlus Driving School would teach these minute details so profoundly, that there is no chance of you getting stuck at the final test because of lack of knowledge. Moreover, the way we would train you will help you NOT to forget these basics in the future. It will make you a master the wheels.

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