Driving Distractions

The Commonest Driving Distractions to Avoid- Our Experts’ Take

Defensive driving habits are paramount. However, if you take your eyes off the road even for a couple of seconds, it could cause unwanted collisions and even an ugly accident.

Regardless of whether you are learning the art of safe driving or are an experienced driver- the consequences will remain the same!

It is why we at LicencePlus Driving School; always emphasise on the importance of keeping distractions away whenever our students take the wheels during their course training. And to all those other drivers out there; we’ve put together a list of the commonest accident-prone driving distractions to avoid. Simply because these distractions result in approximately 25% of motor vehicle accidents across the country!

Here Are The Commonest Driving Distractions To Avoid Whenever Moving On A Busy Highway.

Distracted driving is a very serious safety hazard. It not only makes you prone to dangerous accidents; but also threatens the lives of other drivers and pedestrians using the same highway.

Often, a lot of things can distract a driver, but these few below accounts for the most fatal accidents in Australia (and perhaps even in other parts of the globe).
Using your smartphone for texting or speaking to someone while driving (statistics reveal this accounts for 9-12% of road accidents)

Adjusting music audio or controlling the interior temperature while driving

Lighting a cigarette while driving (which stats reveal accounts for 1-3 in a hundred accidents which take place)

Daydreaming or thinking about something else when your mind and eyes should be focussed on the road ahead

Looking or searching for something on the vehicle’s dashboard, floor or seats while cruising on a highway at a decent rate of acceleration

Adjusting mirrors, seat-belts and other devices while driving (which also contributes a minor role in distraction-causing collisions or accidents)

Looking at something or someone outside the vehicle; like for example- gawking at billboards, LED signage or locals at the side of the street- all causes unwanted distractions (and eventually contributing to approximately 5-7% of accidents taking place across the country)

Commuting and monitoring the activities of the other passengers while driving on a traffic-stricken freeway

Eating with one hand while driving with the other is another bad habit which causes distractions and an inevitable accident

LicencePlus Driving School Also Suggests Some Tips To Avoid Such Distractions

As your trustworthy driving school offering course training in Parramatta, Liverpool, Lakemba and other suburbs across Sydney; we share with you some simple tips to avoid such driving distractions.

Avoid eating, drinking or smoking whenever you are driving over a busy highway

If you need to search or look for something in the dashboard, seats, glove compartment or floors, pull over at one side and then do it. But before that use the indicator to let the car behind you know of your intentions

Whenever you are driving don’t engage in any sightseeing- traffic signs, lights or rules being excluded! Keep your eyes in front always.

If you need to adjust your seat-belts, climate controls, radio-frequency, or any other aspect of your infotainment system; either do it before you drive out or pull over at the ride of the highway and then do it.

Make it a habit for everyone who enters the car to put on their seat-belts. This includes you too! Also, request your back-seat passengers to cooperate with you whenever you are navigating a busy highway.

Never drive when you are too happy; sad or angry. Also, refrain from driving if you feel tired or unwell. Both strong emotions and physical symptoms can hamper your driving concentration.

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Needless to say, by avoiding these distractions; you reduce the risks of getting into life-threatening accidents, considerably! And that itself should be enough to make these changes in your driving habits and become a competent driver.

However, if you still think your skills need further polishing; you can easily enrol into our comprehensive and quality defensive driving courses offered all across Sydney at competitive and reasonable industry-standard rates.

We even conduct course lessons at Castle Hill driving test route (as we do in our other targeted suburbs) to give our learners a real-time experience in handling the car on an open road using everything we have taught them in theory.

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