tips to tackle roundabouts

Tips to Tackle Roundabouts – A Vital Chapter in Driving School

With roundabouts becoming more and more common on roads, sometimes seasoned drivers also face lots of hassles. If you want to face such enigmatic traffic circles desperately, then better get enrolled in a reliable driving school like LicencePlus.

Get Trained at the Best in a Driving School

There will be expert and well-trained instructors to guide you to give ways to other drivers, proper direction to signal, best ways to navigate roundabouts having multiple lanes and many more.

If you are driving on a roundabout, then you need to be extra cautious. Getting trained in a driving school in Carlingford will teach you some of the best ways to exercise extra caution on approach.

Tips to Tackle Roundabouts Tactfully

Below is a handy guide that will help you to tackle roundabouts tactfully:

  • Giving way to another person – It is a golden rule of a roundabout to give idea to another person who is already on the roundabout. On the way to enter a regular road, it is better to wait until there is sufficient space for entering inside the roundabout.
  • Giving way to the left side – In case two or more vehicles approach a roundabout simultaneously, then better take the decision coolly. It will be an excellent decision to give way to the car that is to your left. Such a significant step will prevent you from all types of accidents.
  • Signalling your intent – Signaling incorrectly at the time of using roundabouts is another blunder that kills. At a reliable and trustworthy driving school in Auburn, you will learn to use indicators properly. As a rule of thumb, you must signal immediately before you exit with the right indicator.

Apart from the tips mentioned above, you need to learn to deal with more than a single lane.

How to Deal with Multiple Lanes?

Dealing with multiple lanes can be a bit intimidating, but it is not at all different from regular roundabouts.

Below are some crucial guidelines that you must follow when there are more than two lanes:

  • While turning right, take the outside lane
  • On the way to go towards straight, better take the outside lane.
  • If you are taking a further exit, then better take the innermost lane and move before exit.

These are some exclusive steps that will help you to tackle with roundabouts in a courteous manner.

Learning to Have a Check on Mirrors

As a responsible driver on the road, you must not overlook the importance of looking up at mirrors. In the case of roundabouts, mirrors play an important role.

Some essential tips to check mirrors at the time of driving on roundabouts are:

  • The centre mirror must be checked first followed by having a check on the relevant door mirror. If turning left, check left mirror else check the right mirror.
  • Assessing the space around will let you identify where to move. If necessary, mirrors must also be checked.

Dealing with roundabouts is not at all a difficult task. We at LicencePlus have a group of well-trained driving instructors to train our candidates practically. To enrol, feel free to dial 1300 00 2626 during our business hours. We will be glad to serve you!