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Typical Driving Lessons about Things TO DO When Brakes Fail

Depending upon what type of vehicle you are driving and the type of road you are on, there are a number of options that you can do, when the brakes fail.

Brakes fail because of a number of issues. They can fail because of brake fade, or when you have driven through a waterlogged street. At times mechanical snag is to be blamed for brake failure. Brakes fail due when they run out of brake fluid as well, though you get a warning sign on your dashboard when the fluid is on low. Sudden brake failure is an extremely rare case incident. Even if the power brakes fail, still you will be able to apply the braking power as you press harder on the pedal.

Nevertheless, the lessons that we have in our driving school in Parramatta for our trainees include the dos and don’ts in the event of a brake failure. You just have to enroll in LicencePlus Driving School, to know in detail the steps to be taken in the event of a brake failure.

Moving Clear of the Traffic

The traffic around you needs to know about the condition you are in. So give them that information and start moving the left of the road, changing lanes. Look for gaps while changing lanes. If the motorway has hard shoulders, move towards them as it will reduce the chance of being hit as you try to slow down.

Pumping the Brakes

If the brake pedals reach out to the floor, pump it briskly a few times, and then press it to the floor. Well, it will not bring any change in the behaviour of your vehicle, but still trying something instead of nothing is better.

Turning the Hazard Lights on

Keep the hazard lights on, to let others know about the danger you are in. Blow the horn to attract attention.

Using the Gears

Lower the gear more is the mechanical and engine resistance. This is termed as engine braking. Hence, step down through the gear as you lose speed. For manual gears, it is easy. For those with an automatic gearbox, there might either be an L setting or sequential gears that can be changed by using a paddle behind the steering wheel or a gear lever. Our driving school in Kellyville curriculum has details instructions about how to indulge in engine braking in a car with manual as well as an automatic gearbox.

Turning the Ac & Accessories on

Turn the AC to the coldest setting and turn on all the accessories. This will consume a fair amount of battery power, helping you to slow down.

Using the Hand Brake With Caution

Do not put the handbrake suddenly at high speed. Your car will toss and go for a spin. Besides, it can get overheated and turn ineffective. Use it only after your car has slowed down below 20 km/hr. The hand brake works only on rear wheels. They can skid upon applying hand brakes. Hence, be careful!

So you see, these are some of the tried and tested steps that will help you in the event of a brake failure. Just enroll your name in in LicencePlus Driving School and our mentor will come up with thorough driving lessons in Parramatta to make sure you crack the final test at one go.

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