Extend the Life of Tyres

Want to Extend the Life of Tyres? Follow these Points

Only learning to drive is not enough. You will need to learn other things as well such as the procedures of changing the tyres and the ways to extend their life. Knowing these will ensure a problem-free journey and if you are a learner in the suburbs of Sydney or Melbourne, make sure the driving course includes these in detail.
Today, we will be specifically focusing on the ways to extend the life of the tyres in your vehicle. It will reduce the possibility of a puncture or the need to replace them frequently.

Checking the Inflation Levels

As a driver, you need to check the inflation pressure of the tyres. If they can be kept under recommended pressure, you can gain a substantial tyre as well as fuel mileage.

Since tyres are engineered to perform at specific pressures, you need to determine the correct air pressure. You need to know the actual axle load and then find out the pressure by referring to the tyre load chart. For this, you can check the tyre manufacturer’s website and when you are a learner, your trainer from the driving school in Mt Druitt will teach you to check the inflation levels with the listed formulae and then make the necessary adjustments.

Reducing Vehicle Speed

Driving at very high speeds leads to increased heat and more wear and tear on the tyre. So, when driving, it is important to maintain optimal speeds to extend the life of the tyres. In recent reports by several renowned tyre companies, it has been seen that the tyres on the vehicles that are driven at lower speeds last more than the ones that are driven at higher speeds.

Maintenance Program for the Tyres

Maintenance of the tyres is important to extend their lives and a reputed driving school in Burwood will teach you the correct methods of maintenance.

Since tyres lose air naturally, you might not be able to maintain inflation at all times. However, you need to check frequently for small leakages and punctures from which the tyres might be losing air rapidly.

To check the air you can use flow-through valve caps. These caps will make pressure detection easier without removing the cap. They also help in adding the air to the tyres.

Maintaining the Alignment of your Vehicle

Maintaining the alignment of the vehicle is important to extend the life of the tyres. Improper alignment leads to more wear and tear. So, you need to be careful when parking your vehicle. And when you are enrolling for driving lessons in Parramatta, make sure that the tyre alignment maintenance program is included in the driving lessons where you will learn how to properly align your vehicle.

Mounting the Tyres Correctly

When mounting the tyres on the wheel, make sure that you are doing it correctly. Notice if the spots match correctly on the wheel. The wheels will always have marks to help you mount the tyres correctly. You can also contact the tyre manufacturers or mechanics to guide you on the wheel marks as they can vary from company to company.

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