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Safer Drivers Course
LicencePlus Driving School - Safer Driving Course Training For Learners
For those who wish to polish their drive skills, our Safe Driving Course Training is designed to learners under 25-years-of-age. As per gathered evidence, drivers who are 25-years or more are 20 times more prone to getting into serious collisions or road mishaps.

Keeping this in mind; we work with ADTA- The Australian Driver Trainer Association to come up with two safe and responsible driving course modules, and keeps accidents or roadside incidents to a minimum.
Module I Of Our Safe Driving Course Training
This in-depth, engaging and highly interactive course module is crafted for learners between 16-25-years-of-age. Its duration is 3-hours and, it teaches young learners about all possible dangerous scenarios while driving on a freeway. With that, our trainers also suggest tips and strategies to mitigate and eliminate such dire risks.

The course training is conducted by a skilled and experienced instructor. And the module covers key details like:-
  • The major risk contributors that cause such perilous accidents.
  • Reasons why drivers aged between 17-25 get into such accidents.
  • Ways to identify those possible risks and avert serious ones before they take place.
  • Comprehending how the behaviour of drivers can potentially increases the chances of fatal accidents.
Module II Of Our Safe Driving Course Training
This course is for 2-hours and recapitulates the key lessons taught in module I in a more detailed way. With that; our licensed and highly qualified trainers teach you the right way to apply effective driving strategies real-time.

Furthermore, this module covers:-
  • To keep a safe trailing distance
  • Appropriate crash/collision avoidance distance.
  • The right way for gap selection and speed management.
  • And lastly, recognising roadside hazards and making the right decision to keep yourself safe.
Once you complete these modules (both module I and II); you get 20 logbook hours. However; you need to take part in the whole course and complete it inside 30 days.
To Be Eligible
  • Should complete 50-hours of on-road driving.
  • Must be under 25-years-of-age (exclusive of that 3 for 1-hour credit when going for professional lessons).
Furthermore, if you possess a current Pensioner Concession Card or Health Care Card sanctioned by the Department of Human Services – Centrelink, you can get this course COMPLETELY FREE!

If you wish to speak to us; feel free to speak with us @ 1300002626. We are open 7-days a week.
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